Meet the owner and bilingual designer behind Crafts and Passion

Hi! I’m Dianne.

As a third-generation Filipino-Chinese, I bravely moved to the United States from the Philippines in late December 2015. I was born with a hearing loss and didn’t have hearing aids until I was 16. During my formative years, my late mom was strict with me. My disability didn’t deter her from having high expectations about my learning abilities. Since kindergarten, I was naturally exposed to multiple languages, including Hokkien, Mandarin Chinese, English, and Tagalog.

It wasn’t easy for me because I was the only Deaf in class.

Not being able to hear and understand everything said in the class is so frustrating. But with the support from my teachers and the guidance of my mom, I was able to excel academically. In 2018, I learned a new language — American Sign Language (ASL) that I frequently rely on for communication. I’m grateful that ASL became part of my life and it gave me a voice to express myself freely.

While growing up, I always loved arts and crafts, Chinese calligraphy, painting, drawing, photography, and graphic design.

My interests started with my mom, who was a gifted artist herself, then with my high school Alma Mater that had an excellent practice art education, which I developed my artistic talents when I was in grade school. One of my favorite memories is when my mom came up with an art project called Mandala during 5th grade. She purchased Mandala coloring pages for students, including me. It turned out that every masterpiece we meticulously colored was unique and displayed different colors and patterns that are harmonious and diversified. As I reminisce these memories, I feel that I have been truly fortunate to be surrounded by arts since then.

Fast forward years later in college, I had to decide what major to take.

Since I enjoyed using the computer, I decided to follow my brother’s footsteps and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. When I am self-taught myself graphic design during college and did some design projects, I realized that I enjoyed designing more than programming, so I ended up being an invitation card designer. For many years, it had been my pleasure to work with my valued Filipino clients both local and overseas, including Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United Kingdom, and Italy. My business could never have flourished without their support, and I’m truly appreciative of them.

Crafts and Passion is dedicated to my late parents, from whom I inherited a gift of arts and crafts and Chinese writing.

My mom was an elementary Chinese teacher and gifted artist while my dad was a famous Chinese writer, poet, calligraphist, and educator in a Chinese community. I am truly thankful for my talents and I want to use them to design contemporary and thoughtful products that spark joy and love of learning in people of all ages. It’s my passion and my gift to the world.



嗨! 我是黛安妮。



無法聽到和理解課堂上所說的一切,實在令人沮喪。但在老師的支持和母親的指導下,我在學業上表現出色。 2018年,我學習了一種新的語言,是我經常用來交流的美國手語。我很高興美國手語成為我生活的一部分,讓我自由地表達自己的發言權。